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Icon of St MelangellWe are a Christian church, based in Greater Manchester, UK.

We welcome people from all walks of life: elderly and youthful; married people, single people, and those who are uncertain what the future might hold for them; those who are firm in their Orthodoxy and those who are exploring; those who have been hurt or excluded by Christians, those who have always rejoiced in their faith, and those who find it all very new.

Amidst all of this diversity, the things that unite us are our desire to grow into the likeness of God and our wish to bring something of God's love to the lives of all those whom we meet. 

To those who think they might want to become Orthodox Christians, or who are unsure where they are on their journey of faith, or who are simply curious to visit and learn a little about who we are, we offer our love, our prayers, and our welcome.

You can read more about us here.

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Western Rite Orthodox 

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