St Melangell's is a Christian church.  Although we're a new parish - a little over two years old - we're part of the ancient Orthodox Church founded by Jesus Christ 2000 years ago.  More specifically, we belong to the Orthodox Church of the Gauls, which is part of the Communion of Western Orthodox Churches.

Pilgrims to St Bertram's Tomb 2022As an Orthodox Church our main purpose is our salvation.  We confess the Christian Faith as expressed in the Holy Scriptures, in the writings of the Apostles and the Holy Fathers and Mothers of the Church, in the Creeds and the Canons of the Ecumenical Councils, in the whole ascetic and liturgical tradition of the early, undivided Church.

Don't worry if those words don't mean much to you yet: everybody is welcome to pray with us and experience something of our life.

We aim to be a welcoming community, open to all people who genuinely seek to explore the life in Christ, free from the political distractions and culture wars that have often made churches unwelcoming places.

We aim to be a living community, allowing our faith in Christ to influence our actions in our daily lives.

We aim to be a prayerful community, grounded in Orthodox Faith, worship, and life.

Our people

Our services are offered in English, and our worship and spiritual life are conducted according to forms of prayer, fasting, and spirituality that have their origins in the ancient Orthodox tradition of Western Europe and the British Isles, and which are collectively known as the Western Rite.

We gather regularly to worship God, to pray, and to hear the Holy Scriptures.  We are still few in number but, should God bless our efforts, we hope to grow and provide a spiritual home for anybody who wants to find salvation in Jesus Christ.

If you would like to join us or just come for a visit, we would love to have you with us.  You might find the information here to be useful.

If you are thinking about possibly becoming an Orthodox Christian, you might find these pages to be helpful.

If you would like to make contact with us, please feel free to get in touch.

A Brief History

Deacon Cyprian with two neophytes

Baptism of Aristobulus