Do You Need A Priest?

Our Christian Faith is not limited to those times when we are at church for public services but rather we ought to allow God to permeate our whole lives.  There are times when we will need to turn to God to mark particular occasions in our lives, and we can call on the clergy to help us in those moments.

At St Melangell's, we currently have no priest.  However, we have a parish deacon who can perform the services detailed below upon request.  Please get in touch if you have any requests.

We do not charge for these services and you are not obliged to give anything.  However, we ask you to bear in mind that there might be travel and other expenses involved in your request, and the church always has running costs.  If you ask for the services of the church, we ask you please to consider making a donation to help us to continue our work.

The Blessing of a Home

If you have recently moved into a new place, you might wish to ask God's blessing on your home and your household.  This can also be done if you have lived in the same home for a while but have never had it blessed, or would like a fresh start after bad memories or difficult experiences.  It is also customary to have your home blessed during the Epiphany season.

A Memorial for the Departed

From time to time, we all lose people who are special to us: friends, family, colleagues, and others.  Yet, our faith gives us hope in the common resurrection, and we might want to have prayers offered for our loved ones, especially if we haven't been able to attend the funeral in person.  It's customary to offer a memorial shortly after death, as well as on anniversaries, but this may also be done at other times.