Useful Links

The Western Orthodox Church - our family of Orthodox churches

The Orthodox Church of the Gauls - our mother church

The Cantors of Saint Radegund - a Manchester-based vocal ensemble specialising in the musical tradition of our church

The St Melangell Centre - the shrine church and pilgrimage centre of our patron saint

The Bethany Centre - a retreat centre for spiritual renewal, and the home of the Bethany Community, praying the Divine Office daily amidst hesychastic meditation.  The centre is easily accessible and a number of the members of the community speak fluent English.

The French Orthodox Church - our sister church

The Celtic Orthodox Church - our sister church (St Gwenn's Orthodox Church)

Saints of the British Isles

Fr Seraphim Leloup - a priest and theologian of our sister church, the French Orthodox Church

What Do We Make of the Western Rite? - written from an American perspective with a focus on the Roman Rite, but valuable nonetheless.